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Laura Paton
Laura Paton

Hi there! I am Laura Paton, founder and CEO of a provider of online on-demand professional training and coaching for project professionals looking to improve their knowledge and delivery of business analysis. I have been a working practitioner in the project space for over 30 years...yes 30! Over the course of this time frame, I have seen a huge evolution of the business analysis profession. I have worked across many different industries and contributed to projects of various sizes and complexities. It is the longevity in the space and variety of situations I have worked through that allows me the opportunity to bring an array of real-life project experiences into the classroom.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I get help with?
Anything you wish related to business analysis!
What are some ideas of topics we might cover?
Anything from 'how to tackle your professional development goals' to 'can you create a template to help me do ...'
Can we use coaching to help prepare for a certification exam?
Absolutely - in fact - I highly encourage you to set some time aside for this type of assistance as you prepare and study.
Can coaching be used by my team or organization?
Definitely! I have helped a number of organizations with their processes and their practices.

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